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home Spa - 7 Days of DIY Relaxation
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Embark on a super relaxing week with our helpful guide to self-care at home. Imagine a peaceful place away from the busy world. Every day, try a new and enjoyable spa treatment made just for you. In this book, find seven simple spa rituals for the best at-home pampering. Let the calm atmosphere take you to a peaceful spot in your own home. Take time for yourself by doing activities that make you happy, surrounded by calm nature vibes. Feel good with each treatment - it helps with stress, improves your skin, and boosts your mood. The book gives easy instructions to recreate these spa experiences at home. Turn your space into a relaxing haven with nice-smelling essential oils. Enjoy short stories that add a bit of magic to your pampering time. This book invites you to focus on yourself for a week, discovering the joy of alone time. Relax and feel great as your week of home spa bliss starts.